the alliance of rural communities

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and book your tour for a rural adventure in Trinidad & Tobago. Indigenous  and cocoa community tours available!


Bird Watching


Spend a beautiful day listening and relaxing to the sound and sight of birds. Take a walk to get a first-hand view of the most beautiful birds Brasso Seco has to offer. Trogans, honeycreepers, hummingbirds and many more!

Double River Waterfall


Three and one half mile walk through the cocoa and coffee estates along Madamas Road brings us to a short forest trail leading to the base of this majestic 89-foot waterfall, the tallest recorded fall in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Sobo Waterfall


 A one mile walk into the forest after a three mile hike through the cocoa and coffee estates along Madamas Road brings us to this truly unique colorful cascading waterfall called Sobo Falls

Madamas Waterfall


A five mile hike along Madamas Road takes you to the end of the estates and the beginning of the primary rain forest.  Walk through forested hills and rivers another 2 miles to this remote waterfall.

Paria Bay Beach & Waterfall


A journey of full 8–mile forested trail, you are then deposited on the long and luscious Paria Bay Beach.  This is an ideal place to walk, sit or bathe in the warm, blue waters or a 10 minute walk off the beach takes you to the pristine clear waters of the waterfall! 

Macajuel Pond & Gorges


Named after locals, a  five mile hike to the end of Madamas Road will take you into the primary forest where you will head down river and swim through some spectacular gorges which lead to this beautiful pond.


El Cerro Del Aripo


Brasso Seco is located at the base of Trinidad’s highest peak and the trail to the top is a challenging 5 mile climb but is filled with exciting possibilities of sighting rare birds and animals. 

Cipriani Waterfall


9 miles deep in the Madamas forest, this is where Trinidad’s first aviator crashed and died on his maiden voyage from Tobago. By far one of our most challenging hikes but full of amazing history and lush in rainforest.